Preconstruction Services

Abode offers a full range of preconstruction services - cost estimating, value engineering, scheduling, construction phasing, constructability review, design review meetings with architect and owner, input from key contractors as to building systems, and means & methods of construction.

Going through Preconstruction with Abode will help minimize your risk as you get started in construction. We will catch items during the design phase that may not be feasible (financially or time wise) and make recommendations based on your budget and vision.

We know building a home can be extremely stressful and time consuming - through our Presconstruction Services we have found the Construction Phase to be smoother and less stressful.

Construction Services

We are a boutique builder and are very hands on throughout the entire build. Every house is one of a kind and we spend a lot of time with the homeowner throughout the process. We also use Co-Construct - which is an online construction management software. It allows you to log in throughout the build and check your budget (updated on a daily basis), project schedule, make selections and communicate with the team at Abode.